“Leaves” — Five Ways

5 Poems, 25 words each, on the theme of “Leaves”

These came in response to a challenge to pick a theme and then write five poems, on five days on that theme, 25 words each. It’s a great challenge if you want to hone your writing and weigh every word. If you feel like trying it, please tag me in so I can see what others come up with.

Photo by author


Spring’s tender leaves
nourish awakening trees.
Dance and sway,
to entrap sun’s rays.
Then colour and curl,
tumble and swirl
as summer turns
to winter.

Photo by Jill Wellington from Pixabay


Cruel disease
of all Hallows’ Eve,
carves holes
in beloved souls,
stealing memories
and laughter,
aching glimmers of love,
after cherished spirit
is made hollow grimace.

Photo by Author

Flying Free

They pass,
in flexing
honking arc,
heaven high,
across steely sky.
Streaming south,
warmth and release.
Summer’s geese
are leaving us,
and entrapped.

Photo by CDC from Unsplash

Acid Test

Litmus virus
leaves scarlet stain
of shame
across nations’ conscience.
Mapping poverty,
inequality and dread
in stark red,
as infection spreads
through veins of disadvantage.

Photo by Jess Bailey on Pixabay


they offer invitation
to inspiration.
When scrawled
with dark marks
they give flight to imagination,
evolution, devotion.
Paper leaves
have power to launch

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