Thankyou for reading it Daniel. Really thought provoking question about other Angolan writers. I realise that my knowledge of them is shamefully paltry. In large part because (as I wrote in another post — Day 32) there were no bookshops, libraries, certainly no publishers the whole 5 years I lived in Angola (and longer). Unless you were an expat or had connections it was impossible to get published. I’ve just asked my husband for recommendations. He has suggested Luandino Vieira, Aires de Almeida Santos, Oscar Ribas, Castro Soromenho and Onofre does Santos. There are others — non Angolans — who have written about this period. Ryszard_Kapuściński — Another day of life is stark and beautiful. My friends Lara Pawson and Marissa Moorman have written about the coup and culture during the war. I wrote/compiled a book of first person testimonies for MSF called Voices from the Silence if you can lay hands on it. And a number of media and academic pieces. I think some of the best contemporary social commentators and creators are musicians — because it has been easier for them to produce their craft. Bonga and Teta Landu from a few decades back. Paulo Flores more recently is an exquisite poet and social commentator. You might also enjoy my day 22 (although “enjoy” is maybe not the right word) — also about Angola. And I’m writing another one now about language — I see you’re a linguist too. Writing day 79 unlocked lots more thoughts and memories.

Ex war reporter turned aid worker then environmentalist. Wife, mum & stepmum. Joining dots with story-telling, poetry, memoir & fiction. @hogglespiking

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